Nettex | Seven Day Mud Away

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Nettex Seven Day Mud Away 

A unique product that helps to prevent build-up of mud to all areas of the horse resulting in easier winter grooming and assists in preventing greasy heal and mud fever

  • It can be used all year round during or after wet weather conditions.
  • Creates a waterproof barrier to the skin.
  • A great winter grooming product, saves valuable time grooming.
  • Cuts down the need of bathing or hosing down legs in winter.
  • Can be used on; showing, eventing, show jumping, endurance, racing, polo, hunting, driving and leisure horses and ponies.
  • When grooming your horse the mud will simply brush away
  • One application last seven days.


  • Wash your horse thoroughly
  • Wait until area is dry and the apply the 7 Day Mud Away.
  • When dry apply product and wait to dry
  • then pop your horse back into their paddock.

Please note this is a great product to PREVENT greasy heal and mud fever during winter.

Size: 200ml, 500ml

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