Nettex | Blemish Cover-Up

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Nettex Blemish Cover-Up

Innovative make up spray designed to hide all unwanted blemishes, scars and bald patches

  • Rapid drying, long lasting and waterproof formulation.
  • Smudge proof - removes the need to keep touching up.
  • Ideal for showing classes to hide those unwanted blemishes.
  • Ideal last minute touch up for any occassion especially to whiten socks when bathing is not possible.
  • Can be applied to wet or dry hair

No need to have to keep touching up the areas that you do not want the Judge to see and will not rub off when touched so offering the perfect solution and peace of mind that any blemishes will not appear at any time.

Please note: A little goes a long way - Be careful not to over apply as this will result in the product not drying effectively and running off

For tricky areas: Spray on to a sponge and dab area to be covered. This can be repeated as necessary should it be required.

Manes, Tails & Feathers: Apply by using a wide tooth comb so hair is evenly covered. A little goes a long way and if over applied will cause hair to stick together. When applying to the tail make sure the tail is held until dry to prevent tail swishing while product is drying. This will prevent light coloured body hair from being discoloured.

Size: 250mL

Colour: Black, White

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