Horsemanship Training Stick w/ FREE Flag

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Horsemanship Training Stick w/ FREE Flag

The ‘Wildmare’ training stick is light weight, collapsible flag stick that is ideal to use as extension of your arm. It is easy to retract and collapse and fit in your pocket.  It allows you to touch a horse anywhere without putting yourself in any danger.

It can be used in multiple situations:

  • Support your aids
  • Caress your horse
  • As a desensitize tool
  • To sensitize the horse to the movement of your arm adding energy and impulsion
PLEASE use within caution and respect for your horse.  There are various video’s available on how to use correctly. Please view prior to using the training stick
  • Collapsible and out to 1.2m in length
  • Light weight 200gms minus your training attachments
  • Foam soft grip handle in multiple colours
  • Made from stainless steel and is retractable with flag attachment loop at top
  • Use with a string
  • Use with a flag
  • Use with a Plastic bag attached
  • Ideal training tool
  • Made from ripstop nylon
  • Sewn seams for reinforcement and fraying
  • Light weight – 20gms
  • 44cm x 24cm size (17inch x 10 inch)
  • Reinforced eyelet to secure to your collapsible flag stick

NOTE: Please advise of what colour flag you would like with your order.

Colours: Yellow, Green, Blue, Red - flag may vary with what is instock

Please contact us if the item you are after is unavailable