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Princess Twilight Sparkle: Is super smart and a natural born leader. She is good at helping her pony friends use their skills and talents to get the job done, while discovering new things about herself and all her amazing friends!
She also loves to share the magic of learning and discovery with new friends because education is Magic!

Rainbow Dash: Is always ready for an adventure with her pony friends. Rain or shine, she is a loyal dependable friend.

Applejack: Is honest, friendly and sweet to the core! She is always ready to lend a hoof to help her pony friends. She lives and works at Sweet Apple Acres and she makes sure to take good care of the environment.

Fluttershy: Is kind and gentle with everyone. She likes to help her pony friends solve their problems. She takes good care of the animals in Ponyville by feeding them and giving them a good home.

Rarity: Is well known for her generosity. She enjoys designing fashionable clothes for her friends to make them look as fabulous as they are on the inside. She is always happy to share with others.

Pinkie Pie: brings cheer and playfulness to brighten her friends' days! She loves eating sweets and throwing parties for all her friends. She also enjoys helping people in need and she knows how to turn any frown upside down!

Type: Plush Toy
Size: 18cm in height
Age: 3 years +

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