Sherriff Callie’s Wild West Plush Toys

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Howdy, partners! Scoot your boots by taking home your own Sheriff Callie from the Wild West! When there’s trouble brewin’ in the frontier town of Nice and Friendly corners, folks know just who to call. Sheriff Callie looks out for all critters great and small with her magic lasso and her trusty steed, Sparky (Horse). She knows she can count on energetic Deputy Peck (Woodpecker) and fun-loving best buddy Toby (Cactus Tree) to help her protect the entire Wild West.

Type: Plush Toy
Size: Sheriff Callie – 24cm
         Sparky – horse – 20cm
         Deputy Peck – 21cm
         Toby – Cactus – 21cm

Age: 3+

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