Vetsense | Biotin Hoof Powder

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Vetsense Biotin Powder is a hoof growth supplement in a fine powder that may benefit horses with abnormal hoof growth due to deficiency of dietary biotin.
Features & Benefits
  • Highly concentrated amount of Biotin, 500mg/kg
  • Increases hoof strength and repair
  • Palatable formulation
  • Easily mixed into daily feed rations
  • Also contains methionine, zinc, sulphur and magnesium to help promote hoof wall development
  • Cost effective
  • Methionine helps to improve hoof health, skin health and hair health. It can also improve immune system and better carbohydrate metabolism

Each kg contains: 500mg Biotin, 200g Methionine, 1.34g Chelated Zinc, 169g Calcium, 127g Phosphorus

Size: 1.5kg

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